Welcome to Lilla Garden

Welcome to our restaurant. We are social and want to show warmth towards our guests. Here at Little Garden, we continue to develop authentic Indian cuisine with a focus on high quality ingredients. We offer you and your family lovely fully cooked meals to eat at our cozy restaurant or take with you. The menu features a range of dishes that are not available anywhere else outside India. Indian traditional delicious classic dishes and everyday dishes from different states of India combined with well-balanced flavor. Choose from an exclusive menu and enjoy the cozy environment. We always use only the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices in our dishes that give you the true flavors of the food. We welcome you and your family for an experience of a lifetime.

The premises are long enough for more than 50 people. It is perfect for small to medium sized parties. The outdoor terrace can accommodate 20 additional seats in both sides. We offer casual elegance where people can come to eat, talk and enjoy hospitality at its finest from our courteous and attentive staff. If you have not discovered us yet, come visit us!


    Monday - Friday 11:00 - 22:00
    Saturday - Sunday 13:00 - 22:00